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This is an original antique early 1900's period ring, from European origin as the ring is stamped 750. I love the proportions of it as well as the details of the setting, just an extremely fine and well crafted beauty.

* Ring is a size 6 , it can be sized.
* Ring face is 11.89mm * 10.85mm .
* There are 12 natural earth mined single cut diamonds surrounding the sapphire, approximately 0.40 carats total a bit over 2mm each. All are colorless ( H ) and most are of vs quality, some are slightly included. Amazing amount of sparkle.
* The sapphire is a natural earth mined sapphire of approximately 0.75 carats. It's a oval faceted cut on top and it has a step cut like bulging pavilion.
* Setting is 18k white gold, in great condition, engraving intact, there is so much detail on it I can only imagine a very skilled jeweler working on creating this gorgeous ring.
* Ring weights 2.3 grams