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Antique Burma no heat ruby bangle

This piece is been in my personal collection for a while. Hesitant to let it go but I guess listing it here is my passive agreessive way of trying but not really trying to find it a home... Ignore the rambling 😆

Inner diameter is just over 6 inches. It fits my 5.5inch wrist perfect, just slightly bigger than a Cartier size 16 bangle if you happen to have one of those. The rubies graduate in size towards the back. The front width is 4.8mm.

The engravings are on both sides. Made of 18k. I imported this from France but didn't find any stamps. It opens and has a safety clip.

It comes with a GIA certificate that states 3 stones were tested at random and found to be Burma no heat. No guarantee that all the stones are Burma no heat but they appear to be. 

Such a fine piece.. one of a kind never seen one like it.